I'm really interested in enrolling in teacher training, but I'm not sure I qualify. Who is a good candidate for the program?

Students choose to enroll in teacher training for many reasons. Some have found value while on the mat and wish to share their experience through the path of instruction, while others are seasoned practitioners looking to deepen his or her own personal practice. Still there are some who are brand new to yoga and find an immersive program like such as this to be the best introduction. Because there are so many reasons a person could choose to participate in training, we do not require a specific level of physical ability or previous knowledge. All that we look for is a feel for the yoga and a curiosity to sustain you throughout the process.


What does the teacher training curriculum include and when do we meet?

YttP's Teacher Trainings are designed to equip students with the necessary support and tools to proficiently lead an informed and safe yoga class. Sessions take place wholly on the the weekends, with the group gathering to study asana and sequence breakdown, alignment and adjustments, yoga philosophy and history, anatomy for yoga, breathing techniques and dialogue construction. 


What are the expectations for participants?

Please show up on time and be ready to actively engage during each session. Study outside of training for dialogue practice and quizzes. Observe a minimum 5 of classes throughout training (these will be assigned to you), and take at least 3 classes on your own during week*. Finally, you must demonstrate the ability to teach a complete class before graduation.

*all classes are included with your tuition, and are covered while enrolled in the program. We ask that you continue to pay for any water or mat rentals you may need.

Can I still enroll if I know there is a weekend I will be absent for?

We understand that life shows up in ways expected and not. Because of this we allow for up to three absences during the course. Any more than this and it can become difficult to meet all of your graduation requirements on time. However, once enrolled in the program YttP training staff remains committed to helping you successfully complete the course and will always meet you with as much support as you put forth effort. When the time comes, we will communicate specifically on how to make up the missed sessions, knowing you will be responsible for reviewing and understanding any information missed. 


Where will I be able to teach after completing the teacher training with Yoga to the People? 

At the completion of the program, you will receive a certificate that verifies you have not only met Yoga to the People's requirements for graduation, but that of the Yoga Alliance. With YttP as a Yoga Alliance member, graduates are able to submit their newly acquired credentials to the Y.A. teacher's database, creating an additional source for future employers to verify your qualifications.

If working for YttP is something you wish to pursue, we will support you in making it happen. Yoga to the People only hires from our own trainings, and while we cannot hire everyone who comes through our doors, we encourage those interested to look at these programs as extended, two-way interviews.

If you desire to find employment elsewhere, or even open your own space or business, we will also do our best to help you. While each studio has its own set of criteria for hire, most will always start with an interview/audition, and the certificate you receive is a true testimony of your abilities. 



Please email us at tempe@yttptraining.com with any additional questions you have, or to be directed to the appropriate contact.