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Terms of the Yoga to the People 200-hour Teacher Training - Please read the terms and conditions carefully. By clicking 'submit' , I understand that, upon acceptance into the Yoga to the People Teacher Training, my deposit and any tuition paid are non-refundable should I, at any time, chose not to continue or complete the program. If unusual circumstances prevent me from completing my training or satisfying my requirements, I may be permitted to complete or “retake” missed parts of the program during make-up sessions. Requests for make-up sessions must be made in writing, and approved by the director. I understand that missing more than one day of the program may result in my not graduating the training. I understand that Yoga to the People will not release my certificate until all requirements are completed. Graduation from the YTTP Teacher Training is based upon my ability to show proficiency in the training curriculum, teaching dialogue, and requirements stated in the Participant Expectations. I understand that Yoga to the People reserves the right to ask me to leave the program at any point if my behavior is destructive, inappropriate, or unethical. In these circumstances, I understand that all tuition paid will not be refunded. I understand that all Yoga to the People Teacher Training materials, written or electronic, created by Yoga to the People and provided to me during the course of this program are not to be copied, reproduced, or distributed, in whole or in part, or by any means without express written consent of Yoga to the People.
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